Vietnam Project

Gabby Morritt,
President and Founder
of Eye Will, Inc.

Gabby Morritt knows the hardships that the handicapped face every day, first-hand.
In Vietnam, Gabby tries her best to change the views of those she meets. Not only through persuasive conversation, but showing by example the potential of disabled individuals to live independently.

Our plans for 2010 through 2012 will include the following for Vietnam:
  • Research specific needs of the disabled, from the perspective of the disabled
  • Initiate programs that will have real impact on the quality of life for the handicapped
  • Recruit disabled interns from developed nations to critique and help improve existing programs
  • Continue to show by example the abilities of the disabled
  • Share our findings and ideas with other organizations
Our next step is to apply with the Vietnamese government for permission to have and hold a permanent working office. It is not an easy process, but we believe we provide a great service to the disabled and have already done so much for the lives we've touched in Vietnam.

Why Vietnam?

Vietnam is a small country in Eastern Asia. It has been devastated by the effects of Agent Orange, a chemical used to destroy jungles during the Vietnam War. Even today, 40 years after its use ended, Vietnamese suffer heavily from cancers, birth defects, and other afflictions of the DNA-damaging chemical.

The disabled in Vietnam are lower-class citizens by virtue of dependence. There are countless stories of adults who have never received any kind of education. Never left the home they were raised in. There are even cases where teenage children have never learned to talk, never learned the names of their brothers and sisters, never learned to use restroom facilities.

Most of the cases are self-fulfilled prophecies.

Gabby knows, as we all know, there is a world of difference between "being incapable" and "not being allowed a chance."
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