Tran Van Hy

Hy, a resident of Hue, Vietnam, supported his wife and children by selling the banana delicacy, "Hue cakes". In 2005, while riding his motorbike, he was struck by another motorist, resulting in two broken ribs.

Hy didn't have enough money to receive medical attention. He tried his best to continue working, but found it difficult to make all of his rounds with his injuries. Over the next two years, his situation worsened.

His wounds became infected. His wife, fearing for her husband's lack of ability to support the family, left him, taking their children with her. Hy was left with only his 80 year old mother. He finally went to the hospital for treatment, but did not have enough money. Hy returned home in debt from medical bills and with internal injuries that went untreated.
Gabby discovered his story in 2008 and visited Hy at his home, where he was near death. Hy's mother begged Gabby, "Please help save his life!" Gabby had him transported to a hospital and paid for his medical treatments.
Hy has fully recovered, and is now back to work, supporting himself and his mother. If you're ever in Hue, Vietnam, try one of his delicious Hue cakes!
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