Dear Friends,
Today is the first of June, and to begin the month, Eye Will had the opportunity to take part in two very exciting events!
This week is Children's Week, and there are many activities and celebrations taking place across Hue to bring smiles to young faces. At the weekend, there was an art exhibition featuring the work of children with special needs. A lot of great talent was on display and the children had a chance to have some fun.
Today, I went to the Long Tho Pagoda to participate in their annual Children's DAy celebration. We sang songs, had some great food and heard a few speeches. Tomorrow  marks the students' first day of summer vacation. What a way to end the academic year on a pleasant note!
While I was with the children at the Long tho Pagoda, Mimi was at the stadium where the opening ceremony for the yearly swimming courses was underway. The courses are provided by Hue Help, an NGO based in the UK. Each year, the  program trains 500 children to swim. Mimi had a delightful morning as she watched the first 150 children spend time in the pool.
Today has certainly been a very busy day!
Til next time,