June 20 2010

Dear Friends.
I hope you are enjoying your summer. Maybe some of you are working, while others of you may be going on vacation. The rest of the Eye Will team and I are hard at work, but with the power cuts that occur almost daily here in Vietnam, the occasional trip to the beach is a must!
A few months ago, Eye Will received a box of donated items. Among other things, some canes for the elderly were donated. So this week, our task was was to find some homes for them.
With the help of Nuong, a local who works with a charity to provide assistance for older people, we were able to locate good matches for the canes. Like people with disabilities, older people often face many of the same challenges. Family is an important thing here, as members care for one another. However, many people in their 70s or 80s are without a family to rely on. So, many of them were overjoyed when Nuong showed up with a cane. For an individual in their golden years who has to face the world alone, a cane is a tool of independence and mobility. Without one, some people couldn't move easily around their own home.
Have a pleasant week and remember to put on sunscreen! We'll keep you up to date with our latest adventures soon.
Til next time,