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6 February 2010

Dear Friends,
As I was sitting outside enjoying the beautiful weather, I had time to reflect on the past week. Many changes have been happening lately, some challenging, some inspiring. All of them, however, have been adding to my determination and reiterating the fact that I truly belong here.
For starters, several changes have been made to Eye Will, Inc's board of directors. A new director has joined us, along with a few helpful volunteers. As with all new experiences, we had to do a bit of experimenting to find out how we work best. Through team building and a bit of patience, we are now successfully moving forward. Working well as a team is essential if an organisation is to do well.
Secondly, on Thursday, February 4th, I had the opportunity to attend a televised event. Many people in Hue require wheelchairs so they can independently go about their day. An NGO kindly donated wheelchairs for the people of Hue. it was a very positive day. There were plenty of wheelchairs to go around, along with a few extras.
Gifts were also handed out to poor students in Hue.
Later that day, I met a family with 2 children. Both youngsters have learning disabilities that affect their lives in many ways. I have asked a few people to help them. If anyone is interested or has suggestions, please feel free to share!
The website is coming along nicely. We are adding to it almost daily. Please check it often for updates on what we're doing!
As always, thank you for your loyal support and encouragement.
Till next time,
Posted by Trish on 2/9/2010 at 3:28:17 PM EST.

 It is inspiring to read and learn about your work and your marvelous commitment to children and families, we are proud to know you!


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