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2 March 2010
Dear Friends,
About a month ago, I met a young lady named Thuy Vi, and her older sister, Yen Nhi.  Both have severe learning disabilities.
Yen Nhi, 26, and Thuy Vi, 23
I learned that neither of the girls had the chance to attend school.  Their mother, Ms. Hoa, earns a very small income selling lottery tickets.  Not knowing who to turn to for help, she and her husband have done their best to care for their daughters.
Thuy Vi, now 23, helps her mother with some chores around the house.  When I asked her if she would like to have a job, she eagerly said, "Yes!"  She is a very charming young lady who loves to laugh.  She is also very caring.  I have been invited to dinner at Ms. Hoa's house on 2 occasions.  Thuy Vi, being the good hostess, made sure I didn't leave the house hungry!
This is exactly why we formed Eye Will, Inc.  The parents are convinced that their daughters are incapable of being active in our society.  And yet, here they are, fulfilling the duties of hostess!   Our main focus in 2010 is going to be on how we can connect individuals with handicaps to jobs they are capable of doing.
Keep checking in to see updates on our progress, and on Thuy Vi, her sister, and others!
Til next time,

Posted by william Tayler on 3/8/2010 at 12:54:31 PM EST.
Subject:  Congratulations

Dear Gabby, It's gratifying to see your committment and success in working with the disabled. Keep up the great work!