Mimi Visit's Vietnam

21 May 2010

Dear Friends,

So much has been happening lately, I don't know where to start!
In early April, I took a trip to Singapore to renew my Vietnam visa.  Not only did I get to relax for awhile, I also had a chance to meet a few people.  Among them, was the Vietnamese Ambassador to Singapore!  We had a short chat at the Embassy.  I was very surprised, and pleased.

But it is always good to get back home!

Mimi, the secretary and treasurer of Eye Will, arrived in Vietnam on the 10th of May.
She has had many opportunities to observe situations involving people with disabilities.  Among the places she visited was Long Tho Pagoda, where she had a chance to talk to Minh Tanh, the founder of the school for children with disabilities located at the pagoda.  Mimi took a tour of the school and met with the children.
She was so taken that she decided to purchase a new fridge and kitchen supplies for the school!

She returned later and took notes on ways that Eye Will, Inc. could help imporve conditions for the children.  We are also looking at ways to provide consistent help to local families who cannot get their disabled children to this school.
We will keep you updated on this and other projects as they develop!  Please leave a comment, feel free to use our Contact Form (messages will go to all Directors), and check out the other sections of our website.
Til next time,
P.S.  We sincerely thank Bangz Park Avenue Hair Salon of Winter Park, Florida, for choosing us as their Charity of the Year for 2010!