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Posted by Ananad on 25-Sep-2018 at 03:00:44 EST
Subject: From Vindhya

I am Tester

Posted by a on 25-Sep-2018 at 02:01:42 EST
Subject: aaaa


Posted by Daniel Golub MD on 23-Feb-2011 at 03:53:13 EST

Dear Gaby
I meet you yesterday and if you give me
your skype act we can talk

Congratulations for your work

Posted by Hélène et Guy on 19-Feb-2010 at 15:02:38 EST

toutes nos félicitations gaby tu fais vraiment quelque chose de formidable.
gros bisous de nous deux

Posted by Doug on 19-Feb-2010 at 14:28:30 EST

Congratulations Gabby on your courageous initiatives, compassion and consistent conscientious actions to help people, especially children with special needs who would otherwise go without. Your kindness, persistence and tireless altruistic efforts are most commendable indeed.

Posted by sonya bailey on 07-Feb-2010 at 16:13:21 EST

sonya here,from wisicon, u.s.a. - Gabby is the most wonderful role model. I don't know for sure if I know Gabby but now I really want to. She proves that blind people can make a difference, not here but all over the world. Gabby, you are my role model and you will be my son's as well. My son has a visual impairment. I never dreamt that what you are doing was possible for the blind, but now I see that anything is possible if we just try.

Posted by Charles on 05-Feb-2010 at 12:39:03 EST

Charles here, from South Carolina, USA - Gabby is my role model... go Gabby! WOOHOO!!

Posted by Thierry on 26-Jan-2010 at 11:21:21 EST

Je te félicite pour ton site qui est très bien fait. Encore bravo.
As-tu trouvé des personnes pour t'aider?