Gabby delves deeper...

In her work with the Center for the Blind, Gabby became aware of a larger problem that she felt needed to be addressed. Any organziation can come into Vietnam and make repairs to everything except where the true damage starts: words and thoughts.

She has taken residence in a small hotel in Hue, Vietnam, where she lives a very frugal lifestyle. She lives alone, and spends much of her day doing normal activities. Gabby is changing people's attitudes by being living proof that the handicapped can achieve independent living.

Here are some of our favorite anecdotes from 2009:
As Gabby makes her way through town, she is often stopped by curious onlookers who question her about her ability to get around on her own.  She takes advantage of any opportunity to raise awareness.
Gabby does not hesitate to stop and talk to others with disabilities.  For the disabled, a trip through town is a nightmare of futility, as everyone assumes they are a beggar, a thief, or a con artist. Even shopkeepers will turn those with disabilities away, and will only speak with an "abled" chaperone.

A common mode of transportation is the motorbike taxi system.  Gabby does not shy away from local customs, from the haggle to the ride!

Gabby listens intently as an elderly woman describes the changes in Vietnamese society during her lifetime.  Gabby is inspired by the thought that she, too, can witness significant changes in her lifetime!

Somewhere in the midst of this crowd is our Gabby!

They were simply amazed at the sight of a blind woman doing her own food shopping.

Gabby treats a Vietnamese orphan to a milkshake while tutoring him in his English lessons.
While walking through a marketplace, Gabby stopped to talk to another blind shopper.  It was not long until a curious crowd formed around them!
It was not until Gabby got off the bus that the people realized she was unchaperoned.
"How are you able to do this?" they ask her.
Gabby has learned a great deal in her time in Vietnam.
She is ready to explore what lies just a little further up the road!
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