Gabby Returns to the Center for the Blind - Hue, Vietnam

After repairing the Hue Center for the Blind from the damages of severe floods, Gabby knew her work was not done.

Many of the school's trained and experienced staff had left due to salary cuts. Some had given up hope that the school could recover. The teachers who remained were relatively new to the profession, with little experience teaching the handicapped.

Gabby resolved that she would recruit a team from the US to remedy this problem. Out of several applicants, Gabby hand-picked two teachers:
Bob Parker is a specialist in general education. 
Albert Damelio is an orientation and mobility specialist.
Their job?
Teach the teachers!
Eye Will, Inc. covered the expense to fly the two teachers to Vietnam, provided them with personal translators, and provided both teachers and their translators with food and lodging during the entire course. Within a few weeks of instense training exercises, the team from the US successfully taught the teachers their proven procedures - from writing a curriculum to instructing students to use walking canes.

The results were immediately noticeable.
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